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It took me 7 years to obtain an agent...

and 10 to get a film made.



            There are two elements to getting a screenplay sold:


·        The quality and marketability of the screenplay


·        The credibility you project so that industry people will agree to read it.



To be brutally honest, although I really believed that my early works were ready to be professionally presented it turned out that they weren’t.


Yes, there were elements that had high quality, but overall the level wasn’t there.  And, then in terms of credibility…it’s very hard to deliver this when you

Actor/Writer Paul Lawrence In SPACE DAZE II
Paul Lawrence poses with star Robert Z'Dar (79 feature film credits..."Tango & Cash", "Maniac") and Westbridge Film's James Vallo.

don’t have a Los Angeles based agent and any produced credits…the kind that are meaningful with known actors and 7 figure budgets.


So, I did the following:


·        Spent thousands of dollars on private coaching


·        Spent thousands of dollars on trips to Los Angeles for seminars, pitchmarts, etc.


·        Wrote about 20 screenplays over the first seven years.


Well, it finally paid off and while I’m far from the biggest fish in the sea, I do have a….


·        Real film made that I served as a writer/executive producer on


·        I’ve got a well established WGA agent in Beverly Hills


·        Partial list of sales, options and development deals:

Paul Lawrence Sells Draw To Monaco Entertainment

Actor/Writer Paul Lawrence In Bad Boys II
"Even a small role in film is a great learning tool for a writer", Paul Lawrence

Actor/Writer Paul Lawrence In SPACE DAZE II
Paul Lawrence in make up for SPACE DAZE II


·        Long rolodex of producers with credits who know my work and will take my calls and inquiries.



The producer who actually sold my first script started hiring me to do rewrites of other writer’s works that had potential that needed to be upgraded before he could present them to industry.


Eventually, as I gained more and more contacts and started selling a number of projects I started realizing that perhaps I could do this independently.


Our company now not only looks to produce in-house developed scripts, but also is willing to represent quality feature screenplays from other writers.


If you think you have a professional level screenplay that is commercially viable you may submit a logline via the e-mail address below.  If it sounds like something we can market, we will request the screenplay to review.


Submit loglines to:






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